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Our sliding sash windows are the perfect choice for any Liverpool home. Built to mimic the traditional 19th-century looks, this window offers all the benefits of modern uPVC windows. We use a market-leading profile that will improve the security, thermal performance, weatherproofing capabilities and look of your Merseyside property.

Despite being a traditionally inspired window, sliding sash windows are perfect for every Liverpool home. At older properties, these windows allow you to maintain the look and character of the home. Unlike the traditional design, you won’t be plagued with all of the high maintenance issues that plagued timber or wooden windows. At new builds, sash windows offer a way of adding character to the build.

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At JWS, we take accreditations very seriously. We are accredited by FENSA, meaning we are regularly assessed on the installation of our sliding sash windows. This ensures the highest standards are continually maintained. We are also a TrustMark registered business, meaning we are vetted to meet standards and are committed to good customer service.

Environmentally Friendly

The environment is an important factor we consider with our sliding sash windows and installations. That’s why we make sure the products offer is as green as possible. JWS recycle any excess uPVC and glass sealed units. We also ensure that we only work with lead-free windows and doors sourced from suppliers who share our green benefits.
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Thermally Efficient Design

The modern uPVC profile we use for our sliding sash windows will help you to improve the thermal performance of your Liverpool home. The multi-chambered design works alongside the panes of double or triple glazing to trap in pockets of warm air. This will create a comfortable temperature within your Merseyside home year-round.

Even in the coldest of Liverpool winters, our sliding sash windows will help create natural warmth within your home. This will mean you can rely less upon your central heating to warm your property, leading to lower energy bills. As your general energy consumption lessens, so to will the general carbon footprint of your property.

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Protecting Your Property

Through investing in our sliding sash windows for your Liverpool home, you’ll protect your home from modern burglary methods. The multi-chambered uPVC frame offers a great deal of rigidity and strength. When combined with the finest locks and panes of glazing, it helps to create a high level of security across the whole of the frame.

Multi-point locking is offered as standard with our sliding sash windows. This eliminates any potential weak spots that could be exploited by would-be intruders. Through choosing JWS, you can truly protect your Liverpool home from modern burglary methods.

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Low Maintenance Design

Unlike the traditional timber windows our sash design seeks to emulate, the Liverpool homeowner won’t be left with the same high maintenance headaches. The modern uPVC profile of our sliding sash windows will continue to retain their quality, even after constant exposure to the elements. The weatherseals within the design will keep out cold draughts and damp, even in the worst Merseyside weather.

Even after regular exposure to the elements, our sliding sash windows will not warp, bow, crack, rot, flake or discolour. The uPVC frame has colour imbued within the profile which will continue to retain its quality. This means the Liverpool homeowner will not have to worry about repainting the frame.

The only maintenance our sliding sash windows require is a simple one. All you need to do is occasionally wipe the frame down with a damp cloth. This will maintain the good-as-new look for many years to come.

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Quality Guaranteed

Each of our sliding sash windows is accompanied by a 10-year guarantee, offering the Liverpool homeowner the confidence they are choosing the best. If in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the window within this time, our team will endeavour to fix it. We hope by offering it, the Liverpool homeowner can start to plan their home improvement.

The JWS Home Improvements team has years of experience within the double glazing industry. Whether you choose our sliding sash windows or opt for another product, we are on-hand to provide impartial advice and find the best product that suits your needs. We pride ourselves on offering a product that suits your project, not the most expensive one.

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