How To Increase Your Energy Saving

Are you looking to prepare your home for the colder months but want to save as much as you can on energy bills? There are many low cost to no cost solutions that you can implement into your home to help you. Find out more to see how you can save today.

How can we make our homes more energy efficient?

Saving on your energy bills is more crucial than ever at this time, it may seem impossible but there are plenty of easy, quick ways to save.

Smart Meter

Tracking your spending is an efficient way of controlling how your money is spent on the amount of energy you are using. This can easily be done by installing a smart meter by contacting your energy supplier to install it which, even better, is free of charge. It provides you with real time status of your energy consumption, which you can use to track and have a better control of what you are spending. 

Installing a smart meter is a great way to introduce budgeting as an energy saving plan. 

Upgrade to triple glazing

Switching from double glazing to triple glazing can make a huge difference, increasing energy efficiency with a lot more heat conservation. Your windows u-values will decrease meaning you will instantly reduce the amount of energy used, resulting in saving on your energy bills. 

Not only does it benefit in keeping your home a comfortable temperature and saving on your energy bills, it immediately increases the value of your home and improves the building’s health. 

Fix unknown draughts

You might not realise there may be small gaps around your windows, doors and even flooring that impact the use of energy in your home. Fixing the draughts is effective in minimising the amount of heat that leaves your home and essentially helps keep energy bills down. To do this, using a window film to seal up any gaps can be done which will temporarily act as a type of glazing to ensure all heat is kept in and no cold air is entering. Furthermore, you can opt for brand new windows made of high quality materials, instantly increasing the energy efficiency of your home. At JWS, we have a wide range of window options to choose from, casement windows, sliding sash windows, tilt and turn windows, bow & bay windows, flush casement windows and french windows. Use our free quoting engine to learn more!

Save on your energy bills today

There are plenty of ways you can save on your energy bills with these being only a few. To help, you can bleed your radiators to remove air pockets, get your boiler serviced and simply turn off your radiators in rooms you aren’t using! 

If you are interested in improving the quality of your windows and want to experience the benefits it can bring to your energy saving, view our product pages and get in touch with us here at JWS. Request a free quote or contact one of our team members directly, any of us are more than happy to help.

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