Cladding for Your St Helens Home

JWS can apply a material over another, essentially providing a skin on the exterior of the home. This process is known as cladding. This home improvement technique can provide extra insulation and protection to your St Helens home.

Cladding your home may not be something you have put a lot of thought into, but it’s a very important element of the building. Cladding is what keeps a building safe and dry during bad weather. It is a critical choice in how a building holds up in the long term and how much upkeep you will need to maintain a dry and protected home.

JWS work with Freefoam to fit cladding throughout the St Helens area, as a member of their registered installer network. One main benefit of this for you as the homeowner, is that several of Freefoam’s products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of UP TO 50 YEARS. That means your products are protected for up to five decades against certain defects.


Cladding increases the strength of a building’s strength. It improves the resistance to cracking during temperature changes and offers protection against rain.

Aesthetic Value

Cladding can transform a property and increase a home’s market value. Available in different colours and finishes, this can add a unique look to a building.

Low Maintenance

One of the best reasons to choose cladding over painting is the low maintenance involved. The material typically only needs a wash down to stay clean.


You can help minimise the level of carbon dioxide emissions leaving your building. This home installation will help the building’s insulation in general.

Long Term Value

Cladding adds extra insulation which leads to lower energy bills. The easy upkeep and mechanical strength will mean less money will be spent on repairs.


Cladding adds a further layer of protection to a roof. It increases the overall strength of a building and protects your home from damaging elements.

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Why Choose JWS?

1 - High Quality Materials

Our uPVC cladding is the perfect alternative to wooden options. It’s easy to maintain and provides the ideal solution to help insulate your home. Our guaranteed quality cladding will last for up to 20 years. Our materials will not rot like wood or rust, like metal alternatives. You can be assured that we only use the best quality materials from trusted suppliers. Our years of experience in the industry means we know good quality when we see it. Our products won’t crack, warp or discolour. You'll know that you have chosen the safest, cost efficient solution for your property.

2 - Professional Installers

We are proud to have built up a reputation as trustworthy installers in and around the Merseyside region. Many of our customers praise our customer care and professional attitude. We want to make the fitting process as less stressful for you as possible. We understand this application can be a big event and disrupt the day to day life of you and your family. We ensure to cause as little disturbance as possible. Our team in our Merseyside office is just a phone call away if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

3 - Fair Prices

We regularly scout the market in Merseyside, ensuring our installation prices are never above average. We ensure our customers get competitive and fair prices, and we don’t believe in hiding any fees. Any quote you receive from JWS is totally comprehensive and fully complete.

The Right Cladding for Your Home

We can give your home an instant upgrade. With a broad range of styles, size and colour options we have something for you. If you live in a modern property or a traditional cottage, we’ll have something for you in our range. Personalise the appearance of your home and match your cladding with existing doors and windows.

Picking out the right cladding material is much more than just picking a colour and texture that suits your home. Our industry experts will help you find the right application to both protect your home and blend into the style of your property.  We don’t expect you to be experts at home installations, that’s why we use our years of experience to help advise you and your family.


Cladding on your St Helens Property

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