Back of The Net! JWS and MC Soccer Schools Partnership

Here at JWS, we’re proud to be official sponsors of the MHS Barca U9s, a local youth football team coached by Michael Corless Soccer Schools in Huyton, Merseyside.

If you keep up with the Junior Football scene or just happen to pass by a game occasionally, you’ll notice the lads are sporting some sharp new gear thanks to our sponsorship. Despite our slight bias, we believe these look really great. Take a look at their lovely new kit below!


We take great pride in helping communities, from our fantastic product quality to excellent customer service and more! By sponsoring the MHS Barca U9s, we’re encouraging our kids to stay active and learn about collaboration, while also providing a little bit of healthy competition! Believe it or not, we’ve even got a personal family connection to the team!

Well done for this season, boys, looking good and playing well! From the sidelines, you’ve had our full support!

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