Composite Doors in St Helens

Composite doors are a great option if you are looking at replacing your front door or for a new installation in a new build. Elegant and secure, they are designed to suit any property style. Composite doors have improved levels of heat retention and home security.

Strong and Durable

Composite doors are made from multiple durable materials. With an insulating foam core and a strong outer frame, these multi layered doors are strong and robust as standard.

GRP Design

The fortified glass reinforced plastic (GRP) skin will protect homes from all the elements. The GRP skin does not fade, warp or crack and needs very little maintenance.

Bespoke Item

When purchasing composite doors from JWS, we offer a range of customisation options. Choose from glazed side panels, handles and letterboxes for a unique design.

Enhanced Security

Composite doors offer excellent protection against intruders with anti-drill, anti-snap and anti-pick technology. Our doors give you and your family peace of mind for decades.

Robust Internal Slab

Composite doors have a unique solid internal slab. This makes the these front doors incredibly sturdy as it turns the middle of the door from the weakest point to the strongest.


Our composite doors are fitted with up to date weatherseals, ensuring your home is protected against the elements. The internal components are kept and dry, ensuring they last longer.

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Our doors come in a variety of colours, so you can find the right option to fit your tastes and home. We offer eight standard colours, 38 premium ones and a variety of bespoke RAL options, including woodgrain hues. We have all your bases cases covered when it comes to colour.


JWS use Doorco profiles for their compositive doors. Our doors are fitted with a dry glazing system, where the outer frame and inner cassette are screwed together. This means the door is held strongly in place and snaps on the inner frame. If the glass in the door should crack, the cover can simply be unscrewed and a new glass panel inserted.


Our composite doors can be designed to suit any style of property, from a period build to a contemporary house. Amongst the accessories you can customise is the letterbox, with a variety of styles and designs suitable for any home or personal taste.


Choose from a range of handle options that blend practicality and style. We have a design for every style of home and every taste.


Each of our composite doors is fitted with robust locks as standard. We fit multipoint systems to the perimeter of the door, this limits the number of weak spots. All locks have been designed by our manufacturer, Emplas, to comply with Secured by Design levels.

Modern Composite Doors

We understand that home security is important to you and your family, that is why JWS’ composite doors are the perfect option for you. These contemporary doors deliver unmatched security and come in a range of bespoke unique designs. They are incredibly durable, weatherproofed, offer heat retention and excellent protection for your home.

Why Choose JWS?

1 - Fair Prices

We regularly monitor the Merseyside area we are based in, ensuring our double glazing prices are competitive. It is important to us that our customers get fair prices on our high quality services. We will never add a hidden fee, what you see in our quotes is what you will get.

2 - Professional Installers

When making the investment of purchasing a composite door, it is important for you to choose an experienced home instalment company like JWS. We provide an efficient and professional duty of care. We boast years of experience and are accredited by industry professionals. You can place your trust in us to fit a new composite front door, with no added hassle.

3 - High Quality Products

We take pride in only working with the market’s leading suppliers. It is important for us to only offer our customers the best quality home improvement items. All our composite doors are made by industry leaders and perfectly blend practicality with attractive designs.

4 - Kubu Smart Hardware

We offer Kubu Smart Hardware as standard in our composite doors. This smart lock works alongside the Kubu App and home hub to indicate whether the front door of your St Helens or Merseyside has been left unlocked. If you leave your home with the door unlocked, the perimeter notification will activate and notify as your phone disconnects from the WiFi. This gives you enough time to go back and lock the door.


Composite Doors in St Helens

A new composite door could be just what you need to transform the look of your property. Use our online quoting engine to get an estimated price for one of our composite doors today. Our cost calculator is easy to use and works on any device. Simply add your exact measurements to receive an immediate and accurate quote.

Alternatively, get in touch with us directly for more information on composite door prices. Leave your details on our online form or call us on 01744 747030 for more details on our products and services.

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