Bow and bay Windows in St Helens

Bow and bay windows are a great way of allowing natural lighting into the home. By protruding at an angle, you can let more light into your home. By installing bow and bay windows, your home with feel brighter and bigger.


The slim frame allows for a bigger glazing area. This will light up your property and provide clear views of your garden and surroundings.

Heat Retention

JWS' bow and bay windows are multi chambered with double glazing, offering heat retention. This prevents the entry of cold air.


The bow and bay windows are versatile. Casement, flush sash, French casement, and tilt and turn windows can all be incorporated.

High standard

All our bow and bay windows are manufactured, tested and meet requirements. They are all accredited to British and European standards.

Easy Upkeep

These windows may occasionally require a wipe with a damp cloth. Nothing else is needed to keep these windows looking as good as new.

Weather Resistant

These bow and bay windows have a 10mm cover on weatherseals. This will block any water from entering and eliminates cold draughts.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

white chartwell-green dark-red brilliant-blue Steel-Blue agate-grey
clear casement-arctic-cutout casement-oak-cutout casement-pelerine-cutout casement-stippolyte-cutout casement-sycamore-cutout casement-minster-cutout casement-florielle-cutout casement-flemish-cutout casement-mayflower-cutout casement-everglade-cutout casement-contora-cutout casement-cotswold-cutout casement-digital-cutout casement-warwick-cutout casement-charcoal-sticks-cutout casement-autumn-cutout casement-chantilly-cutout casement-taffeta-cutout


For a stylish modern elegance, the unique beveled edge of the chamfered frame offers a contemporary design.

optima sculptured

Our sculptured frame is a more decorative design which replicates the traditional timber styles.

optima flush
Flush Sash

Flush designs emulate classical styles with the sash and outer frame being lined up level with each other.

Window Hardware

Clean Designs

The button sits horizontal to the handle.

Push to Release

To release the locking system simply push the button.


Passes the BSEN1690 salt and ammonia resistance test.


Advanced security with additional key locking features.


Left or right hand operation with our sculptured handle.

Colour Choices

Push button and colour cap screw available.

French Casement Windows merseyside

Bow and Bay Window Benefits

Fire Egress Hinges

Lipped slider hinges aid the ease of use. Simple friction adjustment means no metal parts make contact. We offer restricted hinges to safeguard children and other vulnerable people.

Stainless Steel Friction Stays

We test the durability and weather resistance of our installations through thousands of cycles. Choose ferritic 430 or austenitic 304 stainless steel for ultimate corrosion resistance.

Bespoke Hardware Choices

All our bespoke hardware comes in a variety of colours to complement any interior design. They are also supported by a ten year guarantee, promising their longevity.

Leading Locking Systems

Our high security multi point locking systems offer leading protection against forced entry. Additional bolts deliver enhanced stability and prevent hinge attacks.

Trickle Vents

Trickle vents are available in both aluminium and uPVC vents. They are compliant with latest regulations and can be delivered detached to avoid damage.

Weather Resistant

Our engineered casement windows are weather resistant, making draughts, cold spots and mould a thing of the past when you choose JWS double glazing!

Docking System Bolt

Our profile features a patent bolt that prevents sideways movement, reinforcing the window for a secure fit and hindering intruders.

Advanced Shoot Bolt

Our advanced heavy duty bolt has up to 300% greatest contract area compared to competitor shoot bolts.

Long Wearing Hardware

Our hardware is salt and spray resistant (BSEN1670) and has been cycle tested over 50,000 times for long wearing performance.


Bow and bay window frames come with all the customisation and configurations option you’d ever want. You can choose the design of each window, colour and foil. You can even choose our triple glazing option.

Using our online quoting engine,  let us know the style, size and colour you’re looking for. We’ll customise the quote to all your needs, at no added fee.

Why choose JWS?

1 - Security

Our bow and bay windows meet the highest standards of security on the market. The window is fitted with high security locking systems and internal glazing. The window can not be removed from the outside. The bow and bay profile is made from uPVC, ensuring added reinforcement that stands strong against unwanted visitors.

2 - Bespoke Builds

We offer our bow and bay windows in a wide variety of colours, as well as foil and woodgrain finishes. We also offer double and, triple glazing options. Our windows can be matched to any property's style and decor. You can craft your perfect bay window, so they truly meet your needs.

3 - Experienced Team

Our team of window fitters in St Helens are highly trained with years of experience in the industry. They can install your new uPVC windows efficiently and professionally. Our Merseyside based team of office staff are always available to help answer your questions and resolve any issues you may be having.


Prices for Flush Casement Windows in St Helens

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