Authentic Sliding Sash Windows in St Helens

Sliding sash windows are incredibly popular in St Helens. A traditional window style originally fitted in period homes, they are fast becoming a popular option in the Merseyside region. They work on a vertical sliding mechanism. With the bottom section of the sash sliding upwards within the profile to sit parallel with the top, as opposed to opening outwards like a casement window.

Traditionally, sliding sash windows are made using timber, whilst that delivers visual appeal, outdated timber and single glazing offers lower thermal efficiency and minimal weatherproofing. JWS’ modern uPVC options remove these drawbacks while still delivering traditional aesthetics. uPVC requires very little maintenance and upkeep to stay looking as good as new.

A cost effective yet durable material, uPVC delivers long lasting performance. You can improve your home’s thermal efficiency and home security without compromising on the traditional look.

Easy to Maintain

JWS’ sliding sash windows come with tilt in sashes that make it easier for the homeowner to reach the external panels. This makes cleaning hassle free.

Range of Options

We can offer you three distinct sliding sash window profiles. There’s something for every homeowner’s property style, tastes and budget.


Your uPVC window is protected against rotting, mould and damp spots. Our sliding sash windows retain as much heat as possible, warming your home.

Authentic Design

Our sliding sash windows have been designed to look like the vertical sliders of old. With all the modern upgrades, this is the perfect replica.

Safety Assured

Our sliding sash windows are safe for you and your family. Fitted with spring balance, the slider can not be slammed when closing, preventing trapped fingers.

Long Lasting

By using uPVC framework, our sliding sash windows guarantee a long lasting performance. They’re easy to maintain and will look good as new for longer.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Tailor Made Windows for You

We offer tailored designs on all our windows and doors here at JWS. In doing so, you have total control over the design, allowing you to create sliding sash windows that are perfect for your home and your family. Our wide range of options ensures you can create something unique that perfectly suits the style of your property.

We offer a range of authentic woodgrain foils with our sliding sash windows, perfect for retrofitting older properties and replacing real timber profiles. We also offer more modern designs in a variety of colours and finishes.

You can use the interactive tool above to customise one of our sliding sash windows. Choose one of our recommended colour finish options and one of our stunning frosted glazing options. You’ll get an accurate look at what your vertical sliders might look like when tailor made for your home.

Why Choose JWS?

1 - Trustworthy Experts

JWS has installed all types of windows and doors across St Helens. Our installers have years of industry experience and bring their expertise to every installation. All our windows are purpose made, tested and accredited to British Standards. Our windows meet all the British requirements for uPVC windows. You can trust us to offer a perfect blend of quality customer service and hassle free installations.

2 - Customer Care

We put customers at the centre of everything we do. Our team of Merseyside based office staff are here to help answer any questions and resolve any queries you may have. We will keep updated with the progress of your installation and ensure any issues are resolved quickly.

3 - Fair Prices

JWS consider themselves part of the Merseyside community, and that is why we charge the fairest price we can. We will never charge over the odds, and we always ensure the prices for our sliding sash windows are competitive. Our quotes are always fully comprehensive and will never include hidden charges.


Sliding Sash Window Prices St Helens

Get a quick and easy quote for a set of sliding sash windows by using our online generator. You’ll be given the chance to enter your exact specifications and get an accurate quote for your home. Get started today on any device, free of charge.

If you would rather get in touch with us over the phone, please call 01744 747030. If you leave your details and measurements in our online form, we can reach out to you with a quote on your new sliding sash windows

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