Why Choose a composite door

When choosing a new front door, it is important that as well as picking one that looks great you also choose one that is strong, secure and efficient. It is no good having a front door that is beautiful but is susceptible to damage, break-ins and lets a draught in.

Your doors, as well as your windows, of course, play a vital role in keeping your home warm, dry and safe. At JWS Home Improvements we stock a wide range of doors. A popular part of the range is the collection of composite doors we offer.

What is a composite door?Composite Doors Wigan

A composite door is a door built to exceptional standards. Made from a mixture of materials they take the best properties from each one to create a high-quality, solid door.

The materials used to create the outer and subframes which surround the solid wood core include reinforced steel and foam insulation. Composite basically means produced from a combination of several parts or elements.

Various timber-look door veneers can be added to give the appearance or colour of your choice at your St Helens, Wigan or Warrington home.

What advantages does a composite door bring?

As well as being incredibly robust and strong, composite doors are much more open to different designs than doors made from other materials. At JWS there are many design options for you to choose from.

Unlike a solid timber door, they do not require maintenance or redecoration and they are weatherproof. This means that once you have chosen the style of door you wish to have as part of your home you will not have to go back months later to repaint it or to maintain it bar the basic cleaning of it. The longevity of the door is much higher than doors made out of other elements.

The security of every home is important. If your door is not secure, then your home could become compromised. Thanks to the reinforced steel used to make the door you can rest assured that your composite door at your Wigan, St Helens or Warrington home will remain secure and strong for countless years. For peace of mind regarding the integrity of your home – choose a composite door from JWS.

Why JWS Home Improvements?Composite Doors St Helens

As well as the various designs we offer, at JWS we take immense pride in the affordable, competitive prices our composite doors are available for. But it is not just our doors that are reasonably priced – all the services and products we offer are too!

This is made possible due to the range of funding options we have. You can choose monthly payments which begin a month after the completion of your individual project, to defer payments for three months or to pick our buy now, pay later option which allows you to settle the full balance within a 12 month period.

Another reason to choose us for your composite door installation in St Helens, Wigan or Warrington is because every installation we perform is carried out by our experienced, highly-skilled and qualified, professional team.

To learn more about composite doors do not hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable, helpful team. Contact us by calling 01744 747030 or by emailing info@jwshome.co.uk. We will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you have.

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