Stable Doors in St Helens

Traditionally used by horse owners, the unique benefits of stable doors can be transferred over to your St Helens home. With a two panel design, stable doors have a horizontal split down the middle which allows the top and bottom half of the door to be opened separately.

Traditionally, these doors were fitted into older properties, but our modern profiles can fit any style and age of property. Our range of customisation options ensures that your stable doors fit in with any home décor, property period and personal taste. These doors are available in a variety of different colour and finish options, helping to make your property stand out.

Improved Ventilation

Stable doors are excellent at keeping your home ventilated. By opening the top panel, you can allow a natural breeze to flow through your home.

Thermally Efficient

Our stable doors are constructed with a thermally efficient core, ensuring that all heat is retained during the cold months and your home kept warm.

Secure Locking Systems

All of our stable doors are fitted with locks fitted to the top and bottom, securing customer’s homes against most modern burglary techniques.

Long Lifespan

Authentic stable doors may be made from timber. Our uPVC or composite doors have a much longer lifespan whilst looking authentically timber made.

Easy Upkeep

Our stable doors require very little upkeep. Once installed simply give them a light dust and they will stay looking as good as new, with no colour fading.

High Level Security

The two panelled system ensures that your home remains secure, as well as ventilated and airy. It also prevents children and pets having free access.

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Colour Options

Glass Options

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Stable Door Benefits

Durable Frame

Thickening of localised walls, enabling more screw through pull and hardware retention.

High Level Security

We fit multi-point locking as standard within the design of these doors.

Ease of Access

We can fit your uPVC doors with a lower threshold for ease of access.

Added Dog Bolts

You can choose to add dog bolts to your front or back door for enhanced security.

Weather Gaskets

No need to worry about cold and rain entering your home. We use advance weather gaskets.

Building Regulation Compliant

All our bespoke doors meet and exceed the Building Regulation standards.

Bespoke Stable Doors

Our stable doors are custom made to order. We let homeowners have total control on how their new doors look. Whether you’re having them installed as a front or back door, on a new or old build, we have a range of options for you.  If you’d like to see what our profile looks like customised to your tastes, use our above tool.

Choose from a wide range of colours, accessories and glazed panels. There is something for traditional and modern homes alike. Once you’ve found the right stable door for you, use our online quoting engine for an immediate estimate. If you’d prefer to receive your quote via phone or have a question, please call us directly on 01744 747030.

Why Choose JWS?

1 - Accredited Installers

We are backed by several renowned accreditors for our work in St Helens. We are backed by FENSA and TrustMark, alongside being supporters of other schemes. We are regularly assessed to ensure our standards of installation and customer support meet all current standards.

2 - Excellent Customer Service

We take a duty of care with every installation, something especially important when we work in the Merseyside area. We understand the installation of a door can disrupt family life. We treat all customers and their properties with the utmost respect. You’ll find your property in the same conditions as you left it in.

3 - Fair Prices

We consistently monitor our price to ensure that they are fair and competitive in the Merseyside region. We will never add hidden fees, and our quotes are entirely transparent. It is important to JWS that the quote you receive is accurate to the final cost.


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